Brother-In-Law Business Venture!!

Posted: February 3, 2007 in Uncategorized

My wife’s brother has entered into a part-tim business venture that I think is really neat.  His wife is a graphics artist and after having their child, decided to stay at home.  In looking for some way to add extra income they came up with this idea. 

 They are designing their own T-shirts and I think they arrogers-pictures-014.jpge great.  I have placed throgers-pictures-018.jpgese pictures along rogers-pictures-020.jpgwith contact information.  I am planning to use them with our youth outings.

Brother Van came up with this as an inspiration from God.  I encourage you to visit his website and read the history behind the inspiration.  This much I can tell you.  Gail’s dad fought cancer for over 10 years.  Van has made it possible that a percentage of the proceeds goes to the Cancer Society.

You can contact him at his website, which is linked above, or you can write:

G3 Ministries Inc.

P.O. Box 431

Wilson Mills, NC 27593

(919) 938-0490

Do not use my name when you contact him because he may charge you more. :>)



  1. volfan007 says:


    where are you? when are you going to post again?


  2. Tim Rogers says:

    Brother David,

    Taking some time to reflect and seek my purpose in this entire mess.