Building Bridges Conference–Dr. Al Mohler

Posted: November 26, 2007 in Calvinism, Dr. Al Mohler

Dr. Mohler just ragged on Dr. Merritt by saying he has ADD.

Southern Baptist from 1870 would question why we are having this conference and SB in 1970 would see no need to have such a conference.

God’s Revealed Truth

Compare where we are now where we might have been. Mainline denominations are debating Homosexuality and would never even debate theology. Some think of theology and doctrine as TNT with a fuse about to go off. In the history of the church there have been some unfortunate theological wars.

We are here because our forefathers clearly defined who is Christ. We are here because the church would not back up on the trinity. We are here because of a reformation. We are inheritors of Baptist. Those who tended to watered and cared for a denomination. We are not here for a disputation but we should not fear disagreement over doctrine.

Romans 1–The Gospel and a priority. V. 17–it is by faith; Reality of human sinfulness and exchange worship of God for other things.

Chapter 2–all the world is guilty by the law

Chapter 3–essence of the Gospel we are saved because of who we are but in spite of who we are. The Gospel is not to display our Glory but God’s righteousness. Liberal theology wants him to be just without being the justifier.

Chapter 4–justification by faith is not a new concept.

Chapter 5–Christians have peace with God.

Chapter 6–Responsibility of a Christian

Chapter 7–Brought back to the reality of sin as a Christian.

Chapter 8–There is no condemnation. We are heirs with God. There is an already and also a not yet. With God for us who is against us. Who will bring a charge against God’s elect. God is not merely just he is justice. God is not merely righteous, but righteousness.

Romans 9–Paul tells us that God’s love is as God loves. V. 18

V. 15–God has mercy on whom he desires and compassion on whom he desires. Fairness is the standard of the day. God is better than fair. If God were fair, none of us would be safe. God loves all of His creatures. God’s purpose is to glorify himself in people. It was not fair that God chose Israel instead of Egypt. It is right because God does it. Whatever God does is perfect, it is fairer than fair. We are not here because it was fair that we be saved. His purposes are open only to Himself; except where he reveals them to us–His inerrant Word.

Romans 10:8-17 (Dr. Yarnell Preached this message at our church this past Sunday)

  • The Nearness of the Word of God v. 8

this is a metaphor for evangelism

Deuteronomy 30:14

The reason we are saved is that God was at work in the world. This does not mean that we are passive in this process. It measn that we are lost and must be found, dead in trespasses and must be quickened. Our responsibility is to bring the Word of God near. Being brought near by testimony, expository preaching, ministry of the church. Israel has been presented with a choice in Deuteronomy.

The means–faith

The result–salvation

Without the nearness of the Word we have left the world in darkness.

  • The Promise of the Word v. 9-13

Assured–We are speaking of a covenant. it is more comprehensive than it first appears. Confess and believe.

Confess–what kind of confession? Personal and Public

Belief–in the heart that God has been raised from the dead.

Comprehensive v. 13–the entire context of the Gospel is found here. Whoever calls shall be saved. This statement follows Chapter 9. We are confident that if thye believe they will be saved. If we deny that then we deny the Gospel. We will be saved from the wrath of God.

Joel says wonders will be displayed in the sky.

  • The Logic of the Word V. 14-15

Clearly pointed that all have sinned and clear the promise anyone who calls will be saved. Paul is certain that God delights in saving sinners. Because of this what are you going to do? You are going to bring the Word near. How will they call on them in whom they have not believed? Here is the missionary imperative.

Logic is lost upon those: that do not believe whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved

Dr. Mohler; “We are at a cross roads in the SBC.  We are not saved by a doctrine.  We are not saved by the doctrine of Justification by Faith.  We should not be hesistant to talk about doctrine.  There are not going to be Calvinist in heaven.  There are going to be Christians.  We need to understand that the most urgent thing before us is sharing the Gospel.”  “Part of the controversy we now face is that many people do not want to answer significant theological questions.  Whitefield preached the Gospel to Wesley.  We also need to get him on the boat and talk to him about his doctrine, but do this on the way to preach the Gospel!”  Let’s make certain that we do not stay on the boat talking Doctrine, let’s get off the boat and present the Gospel.

Great Message!!

  1. Les Puryear says:

    I’m glad you’re blogging the conference. It’s a hoot to be with you, CB, and Bob C. I agree with your assessment of Dr. Mohler’s talk. When he’s talking doctrine, he is excellent.


  2. I’m glad you are blogging this conference too Tim. I was both pleasantly surprised and glad that you are there. Thanks for the notes on the messages. Bob and CB must have a lot of fliers miles. :) I’m grateful to be getting such accurate updates on this conference that I hope is one of many such conferences, not necessarily on this subject but others as well. It is a good beginning.

  3. Tim Rogers says:

    Brother Les,

    Good to see you also. Certainly enjoyed dinner together. CB, Bob, and I are going to meet at 6:45 for Breakfast in the Hotel lobby. Come on.

    Sister Debbie,

    The notes may not be completely accurate. It is hard to keep up with Dr. Mohler sometimes. We had Dr. Dockery speak already and Dr. Nettles. Did not know that they had wifi in the ARC when they spoke. Dr. Yarnell presents first thing tomorrow.