Building Bridges–Dr. Danny Akin

Posted: November 28, 2007 in Calvinism, Dr. Danny Akin

Answering the Call to a Great Commission Resurgence?

Our issues must not be caricatured or misrepresented. There is a void if not a vacum of leadership in the SBC. What is clear is that we need Godly men that will help us move forward.

Earlier Dr. Akin and others began discussing building on the Conservative Resurgence and beginning a Great Commission Resurgence. This will be wed to clear theological standards.

Why should we come together and how shall we come together?

  • We are in agreement as to a common Confession of Faith to guide us, The Baptit Faith and message 2000

This statement is sufficient to guide us. Some confess more but we will not confess less than what this statement confesses.

  • We are in agreement on the inerrancy, infallability and sufficiency of the Bible.

Some would say the battle for Bible is over. Dr. akin

  • We are in agreement on the necessity of a regenerate church.

It is biblical

SB have always believed this.

  • We are in agreement in the exclusivity of the Gospel.

The heresy of universalism is not welcome in the SBC. How can we who call him Lord do any less than make it exclusive.

  • We are in agreement on the sinfulness and lostness of humanity apart from Christ.
  • We are in agreement that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. Salvation is a free gift in which humans works plays no part.

We both approve God’s sovereignty and Man’s free will.

  • We are in agreement that the Great Commission is a divinely mandated assignment given to the Church by the Lord Jesus and that it is a task we are to give ourselves until the end of the age.

There are too many non-Calvinist that talk the talk but do not walk the walk. we all have much to repent of. it is not our verbatim agreement on the Great Commission but it is our obedience to the Great Commission.

How can we come together?

I see Dr. Paige Patterson as my father in the ministry. I see Dr. Al Mohler as my best friend. Of the time I have been together with them both, I have never felt a tension to work together with either of them.

  • Wee need a sound theology, not a soft theology or a straight-jacket theology.

Our agreement on the BF&M 2k is an asset not a liability. there is nothing soft about this theology.

We must be on guard against a Straight-Jacket Theology.

Dr. Akin vision for the future of the SBC. The BF&M2k is a well constructed canopy for the future.

  • We need to let a biblical theology drive and determine our systematic theology.

We must have a text driven theological system. Will this force us to live with some tension? Yes.

  • We need a revival of authentic expository preaching that will lead usto the genuine people of the book.

Too much of our current preaching sounds like Harry Fosdick Emersion. Also, too many preachers follow after the latest hermaneutical circus.

  • We need the balance of a Great commission Theology.

Some Semi-Armenian friends need to become careful and better theologians. Some of my Hyper-active Calvinist friends need to get out of their office and on the mission field.

  • We need to love and respect each other as brothers and sisters in Christ even though we are not in complete agreement on every point of theology.

When Dr. Rogers died many cried, some Calvinist responded as it was an open door for Calvinism to flourish in the SBC. However, the pendulum swings both ways. Comparing Calvinism to Muslims and fatalism is not helpful in debating these points.

  1. Les Puryear says:


    I left early so I missed this. Did Dr. Akin really say that some Calvinists rejoiced when Adrian Rogers died?

    I would like to know of just one SBC Calvinist who rejoiced when Dr. Rogers died. Name just one. Once again, I think Dr. Akin is way over the top. This sort of rhetoric is not helpful.


  2. volfan007 says:


    i dont know of any five pointers personally that rejoiced when dr. rogers died, but i do know some that sure didnt appreciative his ministry and preaching at all. they put down his leadership of bellevue often. i’ve heard things said by some five point calvinists that were not very respectful towards dr. rogers. i think that dr. akin was referring to this with his comment.


  3. Tim Rogers says:

    Brother Les,

    Let me set it a little straighter than that. Dr. Akin noted a personal experience from his son who, at the time of Dr. Rogers’ death, was teaching at Boyce College. Dr. Akin’s son had a student to come to him after class the day after Dr. Rogers’ death. This student asked Dr. Akin’s son in the course of a conversation, did he not see that Dr. Rogers’ death as a way that God opened the door for Calvinism to flourish in the SBC?

    That may not sound like rejoicing to you, but I shortened the above to what you saw in the post. To me it is a form of rejoicing in that the way would now be clear as some people saw Dr. Rogers as being the impediment to Calvinism flourishing in the SBC.


  4. chadwick says:

    Bro Tim,

    You said,
    “TO ME, it is a form of rejoicing.” (capital emphasis mine)

    You still added words to what Dr. Akin NEVER said. If he didn’t say “some Calvinists rejoiced,” you should not add it. I think it would be very appropriate for you to correct your “paraphrasing” addition.


  5. Tim Rogers says:

    Brother Chad,

    How is the fix?


  6. chadwick says:

    Bro. Tim,

    KUDOS . . . Your fix, in my opinion, reflects the true context a lot better! :D


  7. Les Puryear says:


    Thanks for the clarification. Whoever that student was, he’s just plain stupid.


  8. John Killian says:

    Brother Tim,
    You have done an excellent job in reporting this conference. Made me wish I was there.
    John Killian

  9. Tim Rogers says:

    Brother Les,

    I cannot agree with you. I can agree that the student used less than wise timing and wording to get across a point. I want to give that student the benefit of the doubt and believe he/she truly has looked at things wrong. I just do not want to use the term “stupid”. (See the conference did have an effect on me) :>)

    Brother John,

    I wish you were here too. I met numerous people from Alabama.


  10. dwmiii says:


    Thanks for the summaries. I’ve appreciated them and I’m currently downloading the entire conference to listen to on my MP3 player.


    There are always stupid calvinists. :) They were one of the reasons why I didn’t become a calvinist too quickly when I began college. It took some time. Who knows, I may be one of those stupid calvinists. :)

    Joking aside, no matter what one’s theological convictions are, Adrian Rogers was used of God to further his kingdom—far more than I have been for sure. For that, he is due respect and honor. Some people seem to forget what honor is today don’t they?

    One more note completely off topic…honor is not necesarilly worship.


  11. d says:

    I was in the class when the student asked the question about Dr. Rogers death. The student realized very quickly the inappropriateness of the question and to my understanding later apologized for it.

    It was a poorly worded and poorly timed question. The student who said it is not stupid just perhaps overzealous and lacking in tact.

    I am a calvinist who loved and admired Dr. Rogers. But I also love my friend calling him “just plain stupid” for a poorly timed question is as inappropriate as the question itself.

  12. Tim Rogers says:

    Brother/Sister d,

    I think you will notice that I, someone who is not a Calvinist, defended your friend, who is a Calvinist, before my friend, who is a Calvinist. How did I get in the moderation of a dispute between 2 Calvinists? :<)

    Seriously, Dr. Akin, I believe worded that in a way to let people know that we have to be careful about what we say. Thanks for pointing out that your friend later apologized.


  13. I am another 5 pointer who was saddened by Dr. Rogers death and still read and listen to much of his work. I would never want a door to open in this way. I would rather have it shut.

    Tim: I’m curious as to whether you feel this conference did “Build Bridges” or did it widen the gap even more? I assume you will write a post on this but on the other hand I know what assuming does. :)

  14. Tim Rogers says:

    Sister Debbie,

    I have contemplated this and if I get the chance, I will. What do I think this conference accomplished? If nothing else it got people in the same room that probably would not have come together. If Lifeway really wanted to do a research study, it would be interesting what % of those present considered themselves Calvinist. I would venture to say that it was a large majority, but you know how I am with research. ;>)

    I believe if it accomplished anything, it made everyone in the room examine how they represent the other side of any argument.


  15. antiochkls says:

    Polite discourse is desireable, but as a Calvinist, let me say that I have met my share of “stupid,” hyper, zealous, and neophyte Calvinists. They usually calm down once they get into real ministry in real churches with real people. I hope this conference was the first step in a good direction.

    After this conference and the earlier Convergent conference at Southeastern Seminary, I sure think Danny Akin is a man for the moment in SBC life.

  16. johnMark says:


    Good comments although I see some issues that may need addressing to get a Great Commission Resurgence moving. Thoughts coming soon.

    Also, “Armenian” should be “Arminian”. :)

    It was sad to hear about people rejoicing in Adrian Rogers death. I certainly didn’t and neither did friend James White who said:

    On a very sad note, Adrian Rogers has died. Chemotherapy is a rather barbaric way of dealing with cancer, and while it can work, it likewise has lots of complications, in this case, double pneumonia. His website asks for prayers for the Rogers family. All theological disagreements aside, as I noted a few years ago when reviewing his sermons on Romans 8 and 9, when it came to justification, he was spot-on, and we can be thankful for his life and ministry.

    Again, it was great meeting you.


  17. Tim Rogers says:

    Brother Mark,

    It was great meeting you also. Sorry we did not get a chance to hang out more together. It was a great conference.

    As to the spelling. That is my thorn in the flesh. :>)