Pray for Brother Johnny Hunt and Ms. Janet

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Announcements, Prayer

What an impact in my life I experienced from being around Dr. Johnny Hunt in 1988.  It was in a tent revival that he led that God called me into the ministry.  Brother Johnny Hunt has been used by God to impact my life and ministry from day one as a new Christian and new pastor.  I remember attending the 1992 SBC Convention in Atlanta Georgia.  It was in that convention that I attended the first SEBTS Alumni luncheon and sat with Brother Jim Law and Brother Johnny.  Brother Johnny brought a substitute motion for national Alumni President and I stood side-by-side with Brother Johnny.  Today, I once again stand side-by-side with him.  I am praying for Brother Johnny as he and Ms. Janet work out whatever has been thrown at them.

You can go to this link and see the announcement of Brother Jim Law as he explains, around the 25 minute mark, the situation to the church body at FBC Woodstock.

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  2. Robin Foster says:


    My prayers will go out for him and his wife. I can’t even begin to imagine the strain he was under these last two years. May the Lord refresh them both during this time of rest.

  3. Tim Rogers says:

    Brother Robin,

    Yes, the strain does take its toll. I pray that God’s refreshing hand will encourage Brother Johnny and Ms Janet.


  4. Johnny Hunt says:

    Thanks gentleman, it’s hard to imagine how little rest one gets while lounging on the beach for 6 weeks after gallivanting all of the USA in chartered planes and customized coaches. My throat hurts from all the shouting I get paid to do and my wrist is soar from patting so many backs that I had to sit on the beach for another 6 weeks. It’s tough in this economy to find time to not work for 12 weeks straight and still draw a salary from all the tithe checks coming it but thank goodness for brothers like you willing to lift me up. Well, I got to get back to the sun, but thanks for thinking of me!