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Posted: April 25, 2011 in Red-Eye Reading

This section will be a new series that I post weekly.  It will provide readers with various blog posts and other reading that I do early in the morning.  It is during these early hours that I scan certain blogs to see what is going on around me.  All of the various blogs that I will post certainly are not ones I read on a consistent basis.  However, some are blogs that I frequent with regularity. Without further waiting, allow me to present the first of the Red Eye Readings.

Dr. Malcolm Yarnell has an excellent article on Good Friday: A Baptist Reflects on Holy Week. In this article Dr. Yarnell presents a clear presentation of the Gospel.

Rev. Ted Wright tackles the Evangelical debate of theistic evolution.  His article, Christ Came to Give His Life for Men not Monkeys presents this debate with excellent source information.

Rev. Peter Lumpkins tackles an issue that Jonathan Merritt raises concerning evangelicals and the homosexual debate in his article Jonathan Merritt, Evangelicalism, and God’s New Game Plan for Reaching Gays.  It seems that Mr. Merritt attributes a quote to Dr. Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary that was not sourced.  If the quote is correct, which Merritt argues for its authenticity in the comments, Dr. Mohler owes Southern Baptist an explanation.

An interesting development occurred here in North Carolina.  Rev. Allan Blume was named Editor of the Biblical Recorder.  Blume outlined three goals he plans to use in his leadership of the Recorder: To be Biblical, To Keep a Focus on the Great Commission, and to Glorify God.  It seems though Blume has no journalistic experience his first task would be to find one that would bring a journalists perspective.  With the glowing recommendations from key leaders around the state Blume’s Editorship will begin with a grand honeymoon.

Rev. Les Puryear asks a question that warrants a look.  “Are we Overemphasizing Church Planting?” is an article that tries to answer that question. His conclusion is one that issues a call of concern that we are overemphasizing new church plants to the detriment of existing churches.

Dr. Brad Whitt presents a devotional based on John 1:4.  He titles this devotion; “The Dawn Light Of Easter” Dr. Whitt is a refreshing voice and he certainly presents a special insight into the scripture.  As he said;

“I understand this Easter morning that some would say the resurrection revealed His glory, but I would say that His glory revealed  the resurrection.  You see, it’s not that the resurrection made Jesus, but rather that Jesus has made the resurrection.”

Enjoy this reading as it will certainly enlighten your thought process.

  1. Steve Ball says:

    The fact that preachers even talk about stuff like this ,tells me what a hopeless place this world is.