I am an heir of God’s and joint heir of Jesus Christ as I accepted him as my Lord and Savior on September 11, 1988.  I am the husband to the former Gail D. Boothe.  We were married on December 19, 1992. She is my friend and confidante.  She became my fellow heir to the Kingdom of God as I had the privilege of leading her to Christ on March 11, 1996.  We were blessed by our Lord with the birth of our daughter,  Rebekah Faith born May 28, 1997.  She became my fellow heir to God’s Kingdom as I had the special privilege of leading her to faith in Christ on September 29, 2005.    We have seen God do mighty things in the various places He has allowed us to minister.  We have found great friends and close releationship with all we have been honored to serve.

Ministry Philosophy:

I believe the ministry structure of the local church is evangelism, encouragement, enrichment, and enlistment. This is a process. This process is fulfilled in the five purposes of a New Testament Church. Those five purposes are evangelism, worship, discipleship, missions, and fellowship. Every believer should involve himself/herself in each of these purposes to some extent.

God has given me a vision for strengthening people and enabling Kingdom Growth in the local church through evangelism. I seek to fulfill this calling in a church that has a heart for impacting their community, state, nation and world for Christ. In order to accomplish this vision, the church must be organized in such a way to carry out her ministry. God has also grown in me a desire to help other pastors who have come from and through difficult ministries.  Many pastors and their families are hurting and need a special friend that will listen and encourage them.

Doctrinal Belief:

I believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word to Man. The Bible was written by human beings as God’s Spirit moved on them. Although a perfect God moved on an imperfect man that does not diminish the fact the Bible is without error. I believe the words are error free not just the message. I believe the Bible is God’s blueprint for man and it is the final authority for us in all of the fields of thought and science.

I am a Southern Baptist by choice and in full agreement with the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. I believe Southern Baptist doctrine and polity is the most correct church structure. My cooperation in missions is first through the local church, then through the International [Foreign] and North American [Home] Mission Boards. I cooperate within the Southern Baptist Convention through the local association, and the state convention.

  1. PRAISE GOD and Thank you for this resolution. I pray it is readily accepted.

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