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At Ebenezer Baptist Church, where I serve, various ministry groups visit and we often take up special offerings for them.  Many times we would find out months later that some members continued to send money to that particular ministry, designating it through the church.  But we eventually took a stand and set a policy that the church would only forward funds to outside ministries specifically approved by the whole body and we asked individuals to send contributions to their special interest ministries directly and without the imprimatur of the congregation.

We felt it was inappropriate to tie the church to a ministry without the consensus support of the entire membership.

Now Southern Baptists have learned that the North American Mission Board is not using this same type of discretion in the distribution of church planting funds Southern Baptists have contributed through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.


Dr. Kevin Ezell, NAMB President

In the famous prime-time soap opera one will remember a year when the season ending finale was the main character JR Ewing getting shot.  For the entire off-season viewers wanted to know the person that shot him.  Well, there seems to be another “mystery” unfolding and it is now within SBC life.  Who was Dr. Kevin Ezell speaking of when he referenced a particular blogger in his interview with Dr. Ed Stetzer when he said;

“[he] had particularly harsh things to say about me”

Dr. Ed Stetzer has an interesting interview with Kevin Ezell posted on his blog. One particular query Stetzer pitched at Ezell involved the comment Ezell made about those who raised questions concerning his church’s giving record. Ezell told his church, “”…there are people…[who] …try to get their name in the paper. Typically those are bloggers who live with their mother and wear a housecoat during the day.”

Dr. Ed Stetzer, President of Lifeway Research, Vice-President of Research and Church Ministries

Stetzer raised Ezell’s use of these words in a light-hearted way:

Q: You poked some at bloggers at Highview– I had to throw away my housecoat. Time Magazine acknowledged the influence of SBC bloggers saying (of Frank Page) that “the bloggers elected a President.” Any thoughts on how the blogosphere will influence SBC life?


Dr. Kevin Ezell, North American Mission Board Presidential Nominee

In a message to Highview Baptist Church this past weekend, Dr. Kevin Ezell made a statement that speaks volumes to the attitude of his leadership style.  It appears that Dr. Ezell’s position toward someone in disagreement with him is to paint their disagreement with a broad brush.  Thus, making the disagreement about the person instead of dealing with the disagreement.  In Dr. Ezell’s message he said concerning those that were issuing critical assessments;

“Typically those are bloggers who live with their mother and wear a housecoat during the day. Just ignore them, but I apologize if you are hurt by anything that they might say about me or indirectly about you.”

The apology to his congregation certainly reveals the heart of a pastor for his people. But, it must be pointed out that no one has attacked the congregation of Highview Baptist Church. Every article and blog I have read expressed the  great work that Highview Baptist was doing.  However, when one looks more closely at the statement one sees a clear tactic that certainly should be called into question.  First, I am one that has been critical and I do not live with my mother and I certainly do not wear a housecoat around all day.  Second, his attitude is to “Just ignore them”.  No dear reader you do not ignore legitimate concerns.  When legitimate concerns are raised one must address the concerns.  If Dr. Ezell would have addressed the concerns when it was announced he would be the nominee it would never have gotten to this.  However, Dr. Ezell has just raised the stakes by complaining that those who were critical are “living with their mothers and wearing housecoats”.  Excuse me, but I do not believe Dr. Hankins lives with his mother, nor does Dr. Emil.  These two men are Executive Directors of states that Dr. Ezell is supposed to be working with.